Optimize Fulfillment.
Supercharge Growth.

You’ve got a business to run and profit to make. The nitty gritty hassles of packaging, shipping, invoicing, and delivery is the drag in order fulfillment that bars the way to business growth.
See how leaving ALL the heavy lifting to us results in supercharged growth.

No Commitment

Enjoy unrestricted access to reliable FBA prep and commercial warehousing without any binding contracts.

No Minimums

Utilize our robust fulfillment framework on an ‘as-needed’ basis according to the size of your Amazon business.

No Hassle

Benefit from streamlined FBA prep, packaging, shipping, and warehousing service, where your only concern is getting the good sold.

How It Works

Your one-stop-shop to streamline your Amazon FBA preparation process

3 Shipping
4 Tracking
5 Intergrations


You shouldn’t have to waste hours trying to make sense of those cumbersome inventory spreadsheets. Bllix’s inventory management module makes your job a lot easier than manual data transmission and human error. From real-time stock tracking across each channel to timely alerts on inventory levels, our software minimizes bottlenecks and allows you absolute control over your inventory.

Relabel Products


With its labeling and categorizing protocols, adhering to Amazon FBA requirements can be confusing and somewhat intimidating. At Bllix, eliminate confusion by meticulously sorting and categorizing your entire inventory. We then relabel each SKU exactly according to your specified Amazon FBA guidelines.

Our relabeling speciality? Making absolutely sure that no single label gets onto the wrong product.

3 Shipping
 Prepare Packaging


The Amazon FBA packaging protocols for outbound orders are crucial. We prepare and package each of your outbound orders to make sure that it abides by Amazon’s strict protocol. Bllix is fully stocked with every type of packaging imaginable, and knows exactly how to keep your items safe.

How we do it? We don’t just follow protocol; we make sure the packaging really works.

4 Tracking


What good is quick shipping if the order doesn’t reach the customer in perfect, undamaged condition? If there’s any doubt in our mind about packaging quality, we’ll run your product through durability tests to make sure that they are tough enough to ensure the safe delivery of your orders.

Why we go the extra mile? We care too much about you to let damaged goods set you back.

5 Intergrations


Our team strives to make sure that each of your outbound orders reach Amazon’s fulfillment center on time, every time. Our three day prep lead time means that you can begin raking in the profits in no time.

Want to know if your order shipped? Check it out on your personal dashboard.

Individualized Dashboard

With all of your data organized in one place, and real-time progress easily trackable, you’ll find that inventory repleneshment is a breeze. No more manual order spreadsheets for you!

Super-Fast Prep

The sooner your goods are on the road, the sooner you can get the profit rolling in. Our fully stocked warehouse and smooth prep process mean that turnaround time is consistently super-speedy.

No Hidden Fees

No nasty surprises on your invoice. To ensure complete clarity within our fee structure we share it all upfront and then detail every last item for your records.

Unparalleled Transparency

What you see is EXACTLY what you get. We don’t make you jump through hoops or confuse you with the fine print. Our policy framework is down-to-earth-easy-to-understand and leaves nothing to chance.

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Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

The Bllix team goes above and beyond to ensure top-quality packaging that will stand up to the roughest of delivery rides. In fact, we’re so confident of our packing toughness that we conduct a “drop test” on fragile items to make sure your products are safe.

Here’s another promise we’ll do good on. Our 3 business days lead time is completely guaranteed. On the unlikely occasion that we fail, we’ll refund 20% of your Bllix order value!

Business man in white shirt and tie